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A surreal, profoundly human, and very funny solo performance.


A woman finds herself spat out into a strange solitary place… Why is she there? A brick comes crashing into this world with a letter attached. Its message is devastating and sends her spinning through a chain of events that weaves together stories and fragments from the past, present and future. With her companion the honky-tonk piano, songs of comic desperation emerge as she wrestles with her yearning for immortality…and the inevitability of death.

“Jill Dowse is a terrific performer, who captivates from the opening moments. Contorting her body this way and that and sending her vocal cords on a wild hunt from the lower depths to shrill operatic heights...ideas, events, incidents and scientific facts collide with each other… Adam Ledger directs with a snapping energy. This is theatre, whole theatre and nothing but theatre!”
Cork Evening News
“A show with rhythm, texture, fevered imagination and layer upon layer of profound feeling, Again has intellectual charm and the theatre to stretch, pummel and ultimately satisfy the mind!”
The Stage

Again… was developed in 2004 in association with the Granary Theatre, Cork and toured in the UK nationally in 2006 in association with Foursight Theatre.