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We are an independent theatre company and work from project to project. We start from scratch each time to build original, meaningful, sometimes quirky work. We explore big ideas in human terms and seek to bring people together; we like our audiences to have a sense of place and to see the world a bit differently. 

We are often funded by Arts Council England and through Trusts and other sources, but we rely on partnerships and other people. Some of these relationships have brought us new experiences in commercial partnerships and new ways of making and sharing our work.

All of this takes a lot of planning and a lot of fundraising. Let’s be honest, we could all do with a bit more hard cash, so won’t say no if you want to put some our way! But we are always interested in conversations with collaborators. Maybe you have rehearsal space we could use, an interesting building, a van we can borrow, a contact you can make for us, have some storage space, or you make things. These and other things are often very, very valuable to us. 

Please get in touch if you have anything to offer as there is always room for more people in our extended family!