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A delicious evening’s entertainment about our relationship with chocolate, its tempting, shiny exterior and darker heart…

Chocolate. Mmmmmm! Most of us have a meaningful relationship with it – passionate about our favourite bars, we buy it to say ‘thank you’, we treat ourselves to it, we drown our sorrows with it. This is a show about chocolate – and the people who make it, sell it and eat it.

Chocolate (the cabaret) is a funny, fast-moving show with a live band and original music, headed by Cocoa, a seductive diva who holds a dark secret. From nostalgia for our favourite chocolate treats, to the slave trade in cocoa farming, to the momentous Kraft-Cadbury takeover, Chocolate – The Cabaret will be a delicious exposé of big business, greed and desire.

A delicious exposé of big business, greed and desire, through live music, song and eccentric characters. Come and be tempted!

Chocolate (the cabaret) is a hugely accessible way of talking about ourselves, our desires, our flaws, our pleasures…. Oh, and it also includes communal chocolate-eating!

We are looking forward to working with community groups and Dr Reginald Cline-Cole in the development of this project.