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The Bone Ensemble was invited to collaborate with Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries Project, to create a unique performance tour experience, uncovering stories from the Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries. 

Meet figures from Birmingham’s past beside their resting places in Warstone Lane and Key Hill Cemeteries, as brought to life by costumed volunteers, storytelling and live music. This performance is a socially distanced piece of promenade performance – the audience will move between stops on the tour route, encountering vignettes and characters from history along the way.

There are opportunities for the audience to become part of the story and learn more about Birmingham figures, both well-known and often overlooked, plus the rich history of the cemetery landscapes.

The Bone Ensemble worked with a group of volunteers and helped to develop their writing, and incorporated each story into an overall structure, using music, text and action.