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Oolik is an ordinary girl who goes on an extraordinary journey… into a dazzling, Arctic world of soaring snow geese, pet husky dogs and starry nights. And the kind of cold that makes your skin tingle! Travelling through snowstorms, across oceans and into our hearts, Oolik is not the kind of girl to give up on her quest…

Sitting in her igloo, a drop of water falls on her head. Then another! Is her home melting? Join Oolik as she sets out on a journey to find help. On her way she meets some exciting friends – including YOU!

With enchanting live music, it’s a fun, magical experience for all the family, showing that when we work together, anything can happen! It’s highly interactive, featuring striking costumes and design, and staged in the round so everyone can see and take part.

Suitable for age 5+. Accessible to Deaf, hearing and non-English speaking audiences.   

Where’s My Igloo Gone? was performed 62 times in 40 places across the UK, including 23 rural touring venues, giving 32 performances in community contexts. We collaborated with Professor David Hannah, ecobirmingham and MAC Birmingham during the making of the production. 

More information and resources can be found on the Performance and Environment website

“Very easy to join in and fun, it felt very inclusive”

“You’ve created a team of climate change warriors!”

A new version of the show called Vart tog min igloo vägen? was created by Swedish theatre company Boulevardteatern  in 2019.